I’ve always shied away for tours of any sort but this turned out to be absolutely great. Adam, our guide, took us through Saigon to see some of the better known sites and then some of the smaller lesser known ones too. For me it was the smaller ones that stood out for me. After spending a day or two in Saigon I found it impossible to think that there could be a place of such peace and tranquility. Since going on this tour I’ve been encouraged to go on so many more in other cities but not one has been quite so informative or interesting.

Tristan William Fox


A genuinely nice and friendly tour guide. Gave a good insight into the History of Saigon. Interesting and fun from start to end. Couldn’t recommend this tour enough!!

Martin Raged


I’ve lived in HCMC for 26years and been confident that i’ve known quite a lot of Vietnam history, but this tour told me a lot of hidden stories that a Vietnamese somehow would never know. Thanks to the friendly tourguide for telling our interesting historical stories and help Vietnam to be regconized more by friends around the world! X

Andy Nguyendang


Adam knows his stuff!!! :-D A good and fun day in HCMC!

Mads Herluf Søndergaard


Adam our tour guide was a knowledgable and humorous guy who provided us with a comprehensive tour of the city and it’s history. The ending is totally fascinating!! He showed us how to cross a road, which when we arrived in HCMC we never thought we could accomplish, but with his help we were pro’s by the end. Some of the places he showed us we wouldn’t of visited if we tried to walk around the city with out a guide. So my advice to anyone who wants to see some amazing history, culture and places off the tourist track then you must do this FREE tour, you will not be disappointed. Thanks Adam!!!!

Bex Dixon


Neat way to discover HCMC! Too bad it’s currently only offered on weekends which might not fit each backpacker’s schedule ;)
Guide was really enthusiastic and told the stories in an interesting way! He could maybe try to turn down the Northenglish accent a bit which made it sometimes a bit hard to listen. But great tour!

Marcus Voß


Just today went on this tour and can honestly say adam was phenominal. So easy too get on with, sooo many facts that the guys we went round with were telling everyone after hat we had learnt. Cant thank adam enough ad for him to do it all on his own back and for free, hes an absolute gem. Cant recommend him enough guys you wont get any tour even paying better than him! Get it done guys, thanks again adam it was mind blowing!!!

Abby Norris


An interesting and informative tour by a very friendly, enthusiastic guide. This was my first time in Ho Chi Minh city and I definitely wouldn’t have seen so much if it wasn’t for Adam’s help. Highly recommended.

Nadine Marie Turner


Just finished today’s tour and it was amazing! Found out so much about the Vietnamese culture and history, and I’d recommend it to anyone. Big thank you to Adam for making it a day to remember!

Elisabeth Rose Mitford


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